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Wallets and white fluffy stuff

December 15th, 2007

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the concept of keeping a wallet in your back pocket a bit strange? Sure, my Dad keeps his wallet there, and so does Steve Gibson of GRC and the Security Now podcast (they brought up the topic of whether sitting on a wallet will damage an RSA token that is shaped like a credit card on episode #122). Personally, I would never be able to stand a lopsided rear end every time I sit down. Isn't it uncomfortable to have that lump under your buttocks (and only one buttock to make it even worse for OCD types) all the time? Anywho…I guess I'll just be a side pocket kind of guy. Maybe I should worry about more relevant things, like the fact that there are 12-18 inches of snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow in Rochester! In my past two years here at RIT, I haven't seen that much snow come down at once. We still have a few inches left on the ground from previous snows, so this could be interesting 🙁