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+1 for Canon's Customer Support

February 27th, 2008

I have had a Canon PIXMA Pro9500 inkjet printer in my apartment since mid-January.  I am very impressed at the quality of this printer, and it has done its part to re-energize my desire to create prints of my photographs in addition to displaying them in digital formats.  A few weeks ago, however, the printer began reporting ink tank errors.  It started with the Photo Magenta and Yellow cartridges.  Eventually, the errors on those two cartridges would no longer allow me to print.  I called Canon's customer support center and after speaking with the representative for a few minutes, they sent me two replacements in a few short days.  Last week, however, the Green tank began reporting errors.  I called Canon again, and the representative arranged for a total replacement of all 10 of my ink cartridges.  That's no small replacement considering these buggers cost $15 each.  On both occasions the hold time was very short and the representative was kind and helpful.  Not to mention I found out on the second call that their support center for all of the United States just happens to be located in my home town of Chesapeake, Virginia!  Thanks for your great support, Canon.  The box of new ink arrived yesterday, and I'm back up and printing.