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Absentee voting

February 9th, 2008 at 5:42 pm

I requested my absentee ballot for the Virginia 2008 presidential primary on February 5th and received it yesterday (the 8th).  I filled it out with a witness present, sealed the multiple envelopes, attached more than enough postage (old stamps from my roommate), and sent it on its way back down south this morning.  If the jolly old USPS does their job right, the ballot should make it back home by the 12th to be counted among that day's votes.  Yay for doing my civil duty.  I hope you other states enjoyed your Super Tuesday.

3 Responses to “Absentee voting”

  1. Cathy Kerby Says:

    Just vote like your mother and you'll go far in life!

  2. Seth Goldin Says:

    OK, so who'd you vote for?

  3. Cathy Kerby Says:

    I am going to vote for McCain tomorrow. He's the most moderate of everyone running. I don't like the extremes on either side. He has proven that he is a man of morals, values and integrity. He has spent his whole adult life serving his country. When he was a prisoner of war, he had the opportunity to be released at 15 months but refused to be released until his men could also go home. Very few men are that loyal. He suffered torture during that time but still stood by his men and country. He has gone 'against the grain' many times in the senate by voting against pork barrel items and has stood strong against opposition from Democrats AND republicans to do what was right and not what was popular. I want a President that I know would stand up to the lobbyists. He has been doing that already. Hillary cannot say the same. Obama doesn't even vote half the time (especially if it's a controversial vote) so he doesn't have to defend his vote so there is no way to know how he would vote for many things. There is a lot of talk from the Democrats on what all they will give the American people (i.e., health care) but if you notice they never talk about how they will pay for it. They say they won't raise taxes for the middle class but there is no other way to pay for it unless the government reduces the pork and the useless spending. That means cutting some of the entitlement programs. As someone that works in the medical field with social workers, I see extreme waste in the government grants with the mentality that if they don't spend it all then they will lose it. Even if they don't need it, they will find some way to spend it so they can get it again the following year even if it means duplicating a service that is already available. Sorry, I am rambling but I as tired of paying for the ones that are able to work but refuse to since they can get it free. I see it daily!

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