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Thoughts while flying

February 23rd, 2009 at 8:59 pm

I just arrived at Dulles airport outside of DC for a day trip to northern VA. While in the air over the late evening ground below, I was reminded how inefficiently we use light outdoors. A great deal of the illumination from parking lots, roads, houses, and businesses is partially directed upwards, never to serve its purpose of lighting up the ground. The waste is clearly seen with all the specular lights giving a show for jetsetters. The occasional parking lot or road does it right: the ground is visibly illuminated, but the source of the light is not visible from above. It seems to me that we could save a lot of energy by better directing all of a lamp's output downwards. Simple reflectors on top of lamps would handle this effectively. This would not only allow for lower output lamps, but less light pollution, fewer negative effects on wildlife, and much better stargazing! So, could someone get on this, please?

2 Responses to “Thoughts while flying”

  1. Carl Hutzler Says:

    I should have left this over on the other side of your website, but I did not have an "account".

    Thank you for your write-up on:

    I had a user who botched up their calendar and the only thing I had left was a backed up copy of their Entourage database file from the week before. It worked and had mostly current data but I was unable to export the exchange calendar data (fuckin M$FT). Anyway, your sync trick did the trick.

    Thank you!

  2. Eric Kerby Says:

    Carl: Glad to hear my trick helped! Also, thanks for pointing out that you couldn't post a comment on my other blog. I have enabled comments for everyone now, so feel free to head back over there and post one.

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