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Sprint contract expiring soon

June 12th, 2008 at 9:30 pm

After a couple hours of politely arguing with multiple Sprint representatives a couple weeks ago, I was able to correct an error that extended my family's Sprint wireless contract for another year.  So, our current family plan will expire on our three phones by the end of this month.  That may mean I will be in the market for a new phone shortly.  Thanks to my impeccable technology purchase timing, it just so happens that a newly revised iPhone (the iPhone 3G) will be available in just under than a month from now.  Unfortunately, that would require my family to switch from Sprint to AT&T…so we'll see what happens.

3 Responses to “Sprint contract expiring soon”

  1. Interested buyer Says:

    Will you sell me your Treo??????????????????????????????

  2. Dennis Kerby Says:

    I remember seeing a recent ad for a new samsung phone that appeared similar to the iphone and is on sprint. have you ran across this in your explorations of the subject?

  3. Eric Kerby Says:

    Yeah…I've seen that one. I haven't heard much about it since it hasn't been released yet, but I doubt it will provide the streamlined email and web browsing experience offered by the iPhone. My other option (which may happen) is to wait for potential later announcements this year, that may include nice Linux-based phones.

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