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MacBook Air first thoughts

February 23rd, 2008 at 7:06 pm

So, a week and a half ago I received a lovely, little package in the mail.  It was a MacBook Air, Apple's newest, thinnest, and lightest notebook computer.  I can say, without a doubt, that this is the best laptop I have ever seen, used, or owned.  It is not the right laptop for everyone, but it fits my needs perfectly.  I have little need for extra USB ports or an optical drive while I'm away from my desk.  The combination of its beautiful, widescreen, LED-backlit display, its full-size keyboard, and its surprisingly light weight make this computer a pleasure to use and carry around.  Despite its thinness, the MacBook Air runs Mac OS X very well.  I am using the 1.8GHz processor + 80GB HDD configuration.  To be honest, most of my comparisons are against my old 1GHz 12-inch PowerBook G4, but for someone like me, who has a powerful quad-core Xeon Mac Pro as a desktop, the MacBook Air still does an excellent job of holding its own.  The computer runs Aperture quite well (I just installed Aperture 2 a couple days ago), which certainly says something given the requirements of that application.  This new laptop allows me to be more productive away from my desk without being too much of a burden to lug around.  Additionally, it is Apple's most environmentally friendly computer to date.  For that, it is worth my money.

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