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Gutsier than ever

October 23rd, 2007 at 8:46 am

For those interested, I am now running the latest version of Ubuntu (7.10 aka, Gutsy Gibbon) to power this server. Unfortunately, the upgrade took way more effort than I initially planned due to some unforeseen issues. My upgrade attempts from Ubuntu Feisty continuously failed with unending segmentation faults, probably caused by some lower level corruption that I had inadvertently caused with some earlier manual package installs. Eventually, I succumbed to a clean install of the server. This worked nicely thanks to my thorough backups, and all is well again at Thank goodness that upgrade is behind me. Also, a big thanks to the support staff at RimuHosting for performing my clean install very quickly!

2 Responses to “Gutsier than ever”

  1. Adam Says:

    My server (the projectaputer!) is now also running Gutsy, tho it took about a day to finally get working right because I decided to be stupid and crash the computer in the middle of the installation. I spent the next many hours in single-user mode finishing the install and trying to figure out why it wouldn't boot. I still didn't figure out why sysklogd is broken (which was causing the entire system to stall) but i replaced it with syslog-ng and it's back up and running. It was definitely worth it though, the projector now has compiz-fusion and working visualizations among other Gutsy goodness.

  2. EPKPhoto Says:

    I guess I should mention that the Gutsy upgrade on my MythTV system went flawlessly. No errors in mid-upgrade, no dependencies to fix, and no compiles or other setup to do after the upgrade to get my ATI card, IR remote, Hauppauge card, and wireless card working.

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