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This is one awesome computer

August 31st, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Yesterday I got the notification from the Post Office that my Mac Pro had arrived. I rushed from work to the residential side of campus, carried the hefty box to my room, and hesitantly bid the box farewell until I could return from the 4:30pm CIAS Honors dinner. Ever since then, I have been configuring my new Mac Pro, transferring data, and testing its incredible speed. This is quite a step up from my 1GHz PowerBook G4. The good news is that I am currently working with two sets of photos that should eventually make it to the website. If anyone has questions about the computer, feel free to ask. Yipeeee!

2 Responses to “This is one awesome computer”

  1. Dennis Kerby Says:

    Is this the last computer you will need during your academic career?

  2. Dennis Kerby Says:

    Its great to know that your MAC PRO is functioning properly after its extended trek to RIT. The retreat photos are super quality — is that becaue of MAC PRO enhancement or Eric Pro skills! Were all those pics taken with your camera? You appear in three that were pretty good shots by whoever took them.

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